Monthly testing of the country's siren network: information for people from Ukraine

Every first Monday of the month, the emergency services test the siren network installed throughout the country. The aim of these regular tests is to guarantee the functionality of this means of alerting the population, particularly in the event of a nuclear alert. In order to ensure that the population is resilient in the face of exceptional risks that could affect Luxembourg, it is therefore necessary to continue carrying out these tests in the future.

Since the beginning of the armed conflict in Ukraine, several thousand refugees from the combat zones have found shelter in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. For these people, the sound of the siren test could lead to an increased stress situation if they are not informed beforehand.

The Ministry of Home Affairs and the Grand Ducal Fire and Rescue Corps (CGDIS) are therefore working together with the National Reception Office (ONA), the Luxembourg Red Cross, Caritas Luxembourg and LUkraine ASBL to provide information to refugees.

An appeal is also made to families hosting recently arrived nationals from Ukraine to also inform them of the nature of these tests and the fact that they will continue to take place. The press, as a privileged partner of the various actors listed above, could be another important vector of information for Ukrainian nationals and host families.

Information about the sirens is available here.

Press release by the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Grand Ducal Fire and Rescue Corps (CGDIS)

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