Communes are an indispensable partner for the State and play an essential role in the reception of applicants for international protection (AIPs) and beneficiaries of international protection (BIPs) in society. In a spirit of solidarity and shared responsibility, many communes are actively involved in the reception of refugees by providing them with housing.

The National Reception Office (ONA) currently manages 57 housing facilities for AIPs in 32 communes (as of 30/06/2021).

Support to communes

The government has implemented a series of measures to support communes in their efforts in terms of the reception and integration of AIPs and BIPs. The aim thereof is, among others, to support communes on a financial and administrative basis.

For more information about available aid:

Handbook: “All about the reception of AIPs/BIPs in my commune” (PDF, in French)

Handbook on the local reception of AIPs

With the handbook “All about the reception of applicants and beneficiaries of international protection in my commune” that is available as a PDF on this page, the ONA has created a catalogue of answers and information to support communes in their efforts in terms of hosting and integration, as well as to provide them with a practical tool.

This handbook was established in 2016 and last revised in early 2021. It provides answers to frequently asked questions in the context of the reception of AIPs and BIPs on the territory of a commune. It provides information on existing financial and administrative aid, and redirects to the appropriate authorities. You will find information on procedures, rights and obligations, as well as responsibilities related to the supervision of AIPs within communes.

Contact for communal administrators

To make land or buildings available to create accommodation facilities for AIPs or to request additional information, please contact the Directorate of the National Reception Office (ONA) by phone on 247-75712 or via email:

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