The National Reception Office ("Office national de l'accueil", ONA) was created by the law of 4 December 2019. The provisions of this law entered into force on 1 January 2020.

The ONA replaces the Luxembourg Office for Reception and Integration (OLAI) established by the law of 16 December 2008 on the reception and integration of foreigners in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Mission statement of the ONA

The National Reception Office (ONA) is an administration under the authority of the Minister having Immigration and Asylum in his remits. It is responsible for organising the reception of applicants for international protection and creating and managing accommodation facilities reserved for the temporary accommodation of applicants for international protection and people eligible for subsidiary protection.

When fulfilling this mission, the ONA collaborates with local, state, European and international governing bodies.

Job vacancies

Any vacancy within the ONA is published on the GovJobs portal.  Those wishing to apply for a job at the ONA must always submit their applications via the GovJobs portal that will guide them in the submission process of their application.

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